Archeo Venice Design

Archeo Venice Design Srl - Glass inspiration of the original lamps designed by Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo (1871-1949)

Mariano Fortuny The goal of Archeo Venice Design S.r.l. is to select the designs of objects from Venetian museum collections. While conserving the charm of their history, both aesthetic and functional elements are easily introduced in a contemporary context.

Through scrupulous technological research, Archeo Venice Design S.r.l. has been able to reproduce several objects from the Fortuny Museum.
Archeo Venice Design S.r.l. uses methods that permit a longerlasting usage of these fragile objects, yet maintains the original beauty.

Special interest has been directed toward the Mariano Fortuny lamps which were originally conceived in silk. Archeo Venice Design S.r.l. has now produced these lamps from Murano glass; a material that lends itself to better lightening yet maintains the form, the charm and the delicated decoration intact.The innovative use of Murano glass allows these objects to fulfill the function.

Patent n° 0077205
Patent n° 0077140